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Elevation UK and our staff have an impressive track record, with many years of experience within the lift industry installing quality goods lift and passenger lifts. Our expertise covers every aspect within the passenger lifts, commercial elevators and goods lift industry. We are committed to giving the quality which all customers deserve, whether they are existing or new clients. To continually improve our service and commitment we are constantly advancing our BS 9001 company structure. Our passenger lifts, commercial elevators and goods lift clients range from small private individuals, commercial property companies, property developers, retirement homes, care homes, medical clinics to blue chip organisations and Government agencies within the UK. We are at the forefront of goods lift and passenger lifts design and installation.

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Our lift & escalator technical surveyors have a vast amount of lift & escalator engineering expertise and knowledge in all aspects of the lift industry. They have experience on traction electric lifts and hydraulic lifts as well as all makes of escalators. During their time within the lift & escalator industry they have served time with companies such as Becker Lifts, Bennie Lifts, ERS Lifts & Escalators, Express Lifts, H&C Lifts (Hammond and Champness) Jenson Lifts, Keighley Lifts, Leonard Lifts, Marryat and Scott, O&K Lifts, Pennine Johnson, Schindler Lifts, Wadsworth Lifts, Stannah Lifts, Pickerings Lifts & Oakland Lifts this allows Elevation to undertake all aspects of lift & escalator works on all makes and types of lifts from a simplex manual dumb waiter lift, electric service lifts, goods lifts, hydraulic goods lifts, traction passenger lifts, hydraulic passenger lifts, high rise passenger lifts, duplex lift, triplex lift and all hi tech group systems and all makes and design of escalators. DDA Elevation lifts also carry out full DDA (disability discrimination act) specification work to upgrade DDA on lifts which will allow them to conform to the latest DDA regulations to cater for those who are less able. Elevation Lifts carry out safety inspections and tests on lifts and escalators to meet safety standards set by the Health & Safety Executive and safe to LG1 LG5 and LG10 standards. Elevation a caring company for customers who care....

Commercial Elevator Installation

Elevation UK is a specialist lift company that’s passionate about passenger lift, commercial elevator and goods lift technology. If you share our interest in all matters lift/elevator related or are looking to source an exceptional partner for lift installation, maintenance or service, then you’ve come to the right place.

There are plenty of commercial elevator, passenger lift and goods lift aficionados out there. Whether you work for a lift company, are looking for a lift company or you’re simply a fan of the commercial elevator or goods lift, you’re certainly not alone. Elevator World Magazine has a paid circulation of around 7,000 subscribers and is packed with information on the industry, including passenger lift and goods lift information and case studies alongside input from many of the leading lift company executives. Many more lift industry professionals read each monthly issue through lift company in-house circulation or at libraries. From the readers of Elevator World India (a sister publication to Elevator World published in Bangalore with a subscription of 5000) and Revista Ascensores, a Spanish language publication devoted to commercial elevator technology, to the UK’s dedicated lift company magazine Elevation and ‘Lift In Form’, a Russian Federation publication, it’s clear that the industry has a loyal and dedicated following.

The more ambitious commercial elevator fans amongst you may have visited the World Elevator & Escalator Expo, held in Langfang City in April 2008 (with more than 453 commercial elevator, passenger lift, goods lift, escalator and component participants). Or maybe you paid a visit to the International Elevator and Escalator Expo in Mumbai this year, attended by 6000 builders, engineers, architects and consultants all looking for a quality lift company to provide commercial elevator or goods lift technology. Alternatively you may have invested EURO €1,899.00 to purchase a copy of the latest China Elevator Industry Report, 2006-2007 - a ‘must read’ for any lift company with plans to work in China.

The industry is clearly on the way up. In fact, since passenger, commercial elevator and goods lift technology first arrived on the scene 150 years ago, the total number of lift company installations throughout the world today stands at six million. The worldwide market for new installations is 320,000 commercial elevators a year, with China representing 80,000 of that number, a quarter of the total global rate of installations.

Elevation UK is a UK based lift company at the forefront of passenger and goods lift design. We install, service and maintain all kinds of lifts and elevators, working closely with architects, designers, consultants and main contractors. Our installations and maintenance covers passenger lift, commercial elevator and goods lift commissions in the UK. We’re a lift company that works with a range of clients in a broad spectrum of business sectors. The majority of our commercial elevator and goods lift work comes from small private individuals, commercial property companies, property developers, retirement homes, care homes, medical clinics to blue chip organisations and Government agencies. A highly respected and experienced lift company with an impressive track record, our staff have many years of experience within the lift and elevator industry. Our expertise covers every aspect of commercial lifts including passenger lift and goods lift installation, modernisation, refurbishment or repair. Our track record in this specialist field is second to none.

Goods Lift Installation

When talking about goods lift and commercial elevator technology, Otis is probably the best known lift company in the business, and the first name that would come to mind for the uninitiated. As well as the biggest commercial elevator coverage with in excess of 2 million elevator, escalator, and moving sidewalk systems in service worldwide, they employ a service team in excess of 20,000 engineers. A lift company renown for their high profile elevator installations, Otis elevators can be found in Rio's ‘Christ the Redeemer’ monument, the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House and the Duomo. Though a U.S. based lift company, 80% of their sales are outside of the USA.

2007 saw the 150th anniversary of the invention of the commercial elevator by Elisha Otis. Something that so many of us now take for granted, elevators made skyscrapers possible. The modern passenger lift was first unveiled with all the razzmatazz at a New York trade fair. It also exhibited at the New York exposition in the Crystal Palace in 1854. Without doubt, high-rise apartments and upwardly mobile corporate tower blocks would have remained resolutely low-rise if we’d had to depend on the stairs.

The first steam-driven, passenger lift in public use (regarded as a major marvel of the times) first appeared in the Haughwout department store in New York, opening on 23rd March 1857.

Modern Day Lifts

These days some regard elevators as a measure of economic development. Switzerland, which has the highest standard of living in the world, has one passenger elevator or goods elevator for every 47 people. At the other end of the scale, Vietnam has one commercial elevator for every 28,000 people. As economies grow, developing countries experience rapid urbanisation, more supermarkets, shopping malls and all the other usual infrastructure projects. Most require passenger and goods lift installations, escalators and travellators. Interestingly, the Italian market is the biggest in the world in terms of the number of systems installed, lift companies and people working in the field. By 2004, there were an estimated 780,000 passenger and goods lift installations in Italy, representing 11% of the world’s commercial elevator total and giving Italy by far the largest installed elevator base in Europe. Demand for new installations is expected to increase 3% annually to 22,000 units in 2009.

Lift company boss Ari Bousbib of Otis says that global growth of the industry over the long-term (25 to 50 years) tracks global economic growth, which averages 3%.

Despite talk of a slow-down and overheating in China, all evidence points to the industry continuing to thrive and lift company activity remaining buoyant. Most of the major passenger lift and goods lift manufactures (Otis, The Schindler Group, ThyssenKrupp, Kone, Toshiba, Hitachi and FujiTech) have enjoyed double digit growth over the last number of years and are likely to continue to do so despite other market indicators to the contrary. Other Asian countries, including Korea and India, are also fast-growing or strong emerging commercial elevator markets.

Though Elisha Otis invented the first elevator over 150 years ago, it wasn’t until 2000 that the increasing competition forced Otis to completely revamp the conventional goods lift or passenger lift hoisting mechanism. Launched in Europe as the Gen2 (second-generation) elevators, the new technology involved replacing traditional steel cable and gear systems with a flat belt and a gearless system. The belt replaces the ropes and a permanent magnet replaces the gear. It is possible to produce much smaller machines, eliminating the need for a machine room, with the machines now placed inside the lift shaft.

In addition to addressing the machine room issue, there were many maintenance advantages with the new system. The traditional way of lifting elevators is by using a rope, which needs to be lubricated regularly. The lubrication, is neither environmentally friendly nor totally reliable. This has presented a problem for building operators, as the elevators must be shut down for servicing.

The Future of Lifts

The future of most elevators certainly seems to lie with machineless room systems. Bousbib predicts that by the end of the decade, at least two-thirds of the world market for commercial elevators will be machine roomless elevators. 95% of new sales in the next 10 years will be with the technology expanded to use in high rise buildings of up to 60-70 storeys. Fortunately modern lifts are much quicker – you’ll get up to 36mph these days compared to the 40ft a minute in 1857.

It’s most definitely a different story as far as the UK is concerned. There are estimated to be around 250,000 passenger lift and goods lift installations in the UK. Once installed, lifts are usually in for the long haul and are replaced every 20 to 30 years. It is believed that as many as 50% of the 250,000 lifts in the UK are over 25 years old. Clearly the emphasis and the main opportunities for lift companies in the UK are based around service and maintenance of passenger lift, goods lift and commercial elevator technology, as well as refurbishments and modernisation projects.

At Elevation UK, we as a lift company supply, install, modernise, refurbish or repair any goods lift or passenger lift technology of any type and any make, from a 25kg hand operated dumb waiter to a full group passenger lift.

Whereas in Asia and in other rapidly developing and emerging economies most lift company attention is focused on new-builds, in the UK it’s the conscientious, consistent and flexible companies like Elevation UK that specialise in repair, maintenance refurbishment and servicing as well as new installations that are thriving.

Call us now to discuss any aspect of your passenger lift, commercial elevator or goods lift requirements. Elevation UK - a lift company committed to exceptional quality and service.


Goods LiftsGoods Lifts

Elevation UK work closely with clients, architects, designers, consultants and main contractors. We give our full commitment to all projects whether small medium large single sites or multiple site projects. Depending on the customers requirements we can supply, install, modernise, refurbish or repair any goods lifts or passenger lifts of any type and any make from a 25 kg hand operated dumb waiter to a full group passenger lift system within an high specification office complex. We can carry out finishes to the highest of specifications and standards whether on existing goods lifts or passenger lifts or new installations.


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